How to: Survive a Hurricane

School finally started back for me a few weeks ago and I’ve been busier than ever! But after having last Monday off for Labor Day, I was ready to hit the grind again on Tuesday. Uuuuuntil the end of the day Tuesday, when I heard that school was going to be canceled Thursday and Friday due to hurricane Irma (Irmahgerd that’s crazy!) and I rejoiced for the new four day weekend.

And after preparing for the hurricane the last few days, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you survive any hurricanes you may encounter.

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20170907_120943.jpg1. Put Up Shutters

With over 120 mph winds going on outside, you’re going to want protection for your windows. Although it’s crazy tempting to want to see trees, leaves, cars, and practically everything flying around outside, you want to make sure that you’re safe. So whether you have way cool accordion shutters that can just close shut or you have manual shutters like I do, put them up and stay safe from those flying tree branches.

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I’m completely serious here. Don’t get whomped out there. *finger guns*

2. Food Up

Stock up on food! Not only should you stock up on food for your fridge, you should also make sure you have enough non perishables in case the power goes out. My family made some healthy banana bread because it can sit out without refrigeration and it’s quick and filling too! Check out the recipe I blogged about awhile back here.


If you have a grill, make sure you have food to grill in case you have no power and stock up on propane to keep it going! Pro tip: buy a lot of tortillas so you can grill them to make quesadillas! The possibilities are endless. You want to make sure you look like this during the hurricane…

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Instead of like this.

Related image


You need water to survive. It’s a simple fact. Make sure that each person in your household has a gallon per day. You also need water for cooking and cleaning and bathing so it’s pretty darn important! Especially if your air conditioning goes out or you eat too many salty snacks, you’ll be extra thirsty so get some extra water. Get more than less. Fill up your bathtub with water if necessary. Fill up all your reusable water bottles too.

Make sure that you get your water as soon as you start hearing about the hurricane and don’t wait last minute because everyone is going to need water! Wouldn’t you rather be at home putting up shutters instead of standing in line at Publix or your nearest supermarket waiting for water that they just might not have? Stay hydrated my friends.

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4. Gas Up

When you need gas, you can just go to the nearest gas station right? WRONG. To evacuate, you need to be able to drive which is only possible if you have gas. So naturally, everyone goes to make sure their gas tanks are filled.

But gas stations don’t have an unlimited amount of gas in them so if you’d rather spend your days leading up to the hurricane not foraging around town for gas or waiting in line for hours, get your gas ASAP and don’t waste it! Bring some extra jugs if you have any and stock up.

5. Get Some Books

With no power, you won’t be able to have wifi and without wifi…well it could be chaos. Grab some good books to keep you occupied and a flashlight and candles if needed!

Considering my “nightstand” next to my bed is made up of the Harry Potter books stacked, I’ll be reading those to occupy my time during the storm if the power goes out. Or maybe I’ll do some Latin translations…but that’s if I’m really desperate.


6. Check Your Batteries and Charge Up

Everybody’s mom has a stash of batteries somewhere in their home that you’re normally not allowed to use…or maybe that’s just me, but check them to make sure they work! We thought we had a bunch of batteries but when we went to go get some, many of them had leaked in the package and were no good. So check to make sure you have batteries! They can be used for your flashlights, radio, or even fairy lights for when the power goes out.

Charge up all your external batteries and your phones, laptops, tablets, or basically any pieces of technology you have because you won’t be able to when your power goes out!

7. Finish your Netflix Show Before the Power Goes Out

That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Can Rachel Berry wait? Can Michael Scott wait? Can Leslie Knope wait? CAN JON SNOW WAIT?

The answer is no.

8. College Applications!

Bored during the hurricane? You can be like me and finish your college applications. Or start them. Just make sure you save your work in case the power goes out suddenly. These are desperate times people.

9. Take Your Dang Pets!!!

If you have a pet or multiple pets, TAKE THEM WITH YOU!!! If you’re evacuating, don’t leave them behind! It breaks my heart to see them left behind to fend for themselves. Make sure you have enough food and water for them too! If you leave your pets behind alone, I will not hesitate to kick you in the face. And yes, I can kick that high.

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10. STAY SAFE!!!

Stay safe and don’t do something stupid. Make good choices. Help those around you. Follow these tips! I’ve got your back. Good luck. 🙂

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Kasual kook xx

Local vs Chain

It’s finally summer break for me and I couldn’t be happier. It’s actually been a few days of summer but I can safely say that in those few days I have slept more than I have during weeks in the school year, fallen in love with Lorde’s new music, successfully wanted to become Diana from Wonder Woman, cried over characters in movies and TV shows (don’t wanna spoil anything), ridden through enormous puddles in my flooded street and driveway on my bike, and been bitten by more mosquitos than I’d like to count.


I have some advice for you. As someone who regularly enjoys eating food and traveling, I’m here to drop some knowledge on you.


This goes for when you’re traveling or just going out to eat in your own city or town. And you might be thinking, but I love my guac from Chipotle or I love my Big Macs! Well I’m here to tell you that you’re, as Donald Trump would say, wrong. And here’s why…

  1. The Aesthetic Pleasure

As people say, you first taste with your eyes. No matter how appetizing I told you a soup that looked like vomit was, I’m preeeetty sure you still wouldn’t want to eat it. When you eat at local places, they’re usually smaller restaurants with adorable set ups and a cozy feel. The food itself just looks plain old BEAUTIFUL. You will never see me posting pictures of food from a chain restaurant because it just doesn’t look as nice as the food from cute little local restaurants.  Check out these photos I took from a cute little restaurant. If you want that cute Instagram Tumblr feel, go local for some cute set ups and artsy chill vibes. 20170603_124652Attach78164_20170603_131859Attach78165_20170603_131908Attach78168_20170603_131921Attach78167_20170603_131915

2. The Food Quality

In chains, they all get their supplies and ingredients from one location which means that the ingredients probably have to be frozen in order to be transported to each location. With local restaurants, most of the ingredients are grown fresh nearby so you’re not only supporting local farmers, you’re also getting the freshest food to put into your body and it tastes oh so good. For example, if you’re going to eat at your local restaurant, they could have grown the greens used in that salad or gotten them from local farmers or if you go get ice cream from a local ice cream shop, they probably make their own ice cream from their own dairy farms. Even fresh grown coffee beans will make some bomb diggity coffee. This way, you’re getting the freshest and healthiest foods to put into your body. This doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive either! Some of these places might even be cheaper than your local chain restaurant! Each place you travel to has their own special foods that they are known for based on the things they grow there, so you can guarantee that local restaurants will be using that ingredient to make delicious dishes you’ve never tried before.



3. When you’re traveling, you want to try and immerse yourself in the culture of the people who live there. I’m not saying straight up convert into the religion of that country, but try the different foods the place has to offer. Don’t stick to your McDonald’s when you can always branch out and try new things! Eating locally is also the best way to find out where cool attractions are and where the local people like to hang out instead of just going to the standard crowded tourist areas. Try the local dishes and try the fresh ingredients they have to offer you!


Whether you’re eating around your hometown or traveling to a new place this summer, pick the local restaurants over the restaurant chains! Trust me, both your Instagram feed and your tastebuds will be thanking me. Hit up those local cozy spots with good food and support your local farmers! Even the smallest ice cream parlor that plays the Grease Soundtrack on repeat with the creeeeepiest memorabilia ever can have the best ice cream you’ve ever had (true story).  Making this small change can make your vacation even better than you would have expected! 🙂

Kasual kook xx

Vero Memorial Day Adventure

Okay I know that I call everything an adventure but Memorial Day was a ROLLERCOASTER let me tell you.  You’re definitely not ready.

The journey begins with the semi-chaotic one-hour-late wake up before quickly packing for the adventure. With apples, grapes, water, and mini oreos packed and swimsuits on, my dad, mom, sister, and I hit the road to make the long trek to Vero Beach. Immediately my dad turned on the AM radio which was the signal for my sister and I to put in the earbuds. I turned on the recently discovered Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack and I was set.
Around 41 minutes into the trip, we decided we needed to get some gas so why not stop in Jupiter for some snacks and coffee too. After making our way to a pretty sketchy gas station and getting some VERY expensive gas into our car, we set off to find the widely acclaimed donut shop. The thing about Jupiter is that everything in Jupiter is named “Jupiter (blank)”. From Jupiter Animal Hospital, Jupiter Barbershop, Jupiter Tattoo, EVERYTHING began with the word Jupiter. (If you live in Jupiter and disagree I’m sorry but TRUST ME when I tell you that I’m right and from what I saw, this is true.) This called for reading everything out loud in weird voices because why not. It got a little out of hand.
My sister: Where are we?
Mom: Jupiter!
Me: What are you talking about mom? We’re on Earth?
I’m hilarious, I know.
My sister even caught on with Jupiter puns saying things like “Jupiter lose yourself” in the words of Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself”. GENIUS
But it seemed the trek to find the perfect donut shop was harder than previously thought. Jupiter Donuts are the best donuts around and perfect for our stop on the way to Vero but they were closed for memorial day. Tragic, I know. So we decided to go to the next best coffee place, Oceana Coffee. My dad was on a crazed hunt for coffee and baked goods. One could even compare him and his neon sky blue sunglasses to Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (don’t worry he doesn’t have the bleached hair). All rules of the road were lost and rolling through stop signs in empty parking lots was the new thing. When we finally reached Oceana Coffee, we all got up and out of the car. An elderly woman was giving me the stink eye from her open car window but I ignored it until we came to a halt at the door. They were closed. CLOSED? Yup, the sign on the door said that it was closed for Memorial Day. Never had I seen a more mortified look on my father’s face. We ran back to the car to drive to find another coffee shop because my dad NEEDED his coffee. We quickly made our way to another Oceana Coffee and at last they were open. When you walked in you could immediately smell the coffee. With pictures and diagrams of how to make coffee all over the world to a map of the world with different currency pinned to it’s original location, the small shop was simply an aesthetic. They had blueberry, carrot cake, chocolate chip, and cranberry muffins as well as almond, chocolate, and regular croissants and homemade protein balls and sandwiches. With iced coffees and muffins in hand, our family made our way out of the quaint coffee shop and into our car to enjoy our purchases. My sister got a Blueberry Muffin and I chose the Carrot Cake Muffin. I like to consider myself a Blueberry Muffin Connoisseur but today I chose to be adventurous (yes I know I’m SO adventurous) and go for the carrot cake.


With the Fleetwood Mac Pandora Station on, we cruised along to Orchid Island. My uncle needed a part for his hose at his house so we stopped at Home Depot as he turned the car off and ran in to get the part. And this is where I leave you, my last will and testament in this hot car with sweat dripping down my face with the windows closed in 100 degree heat. Tell my family I love them….

I’m just kidding but I was actually suffering. Watching my sister teach my mom how to play sticks is actual torture. It even got to the point where we were singing “it’s gettin hot in here so take off all your clothes” screaming in pure hysteria.



We finally finally FINALLY found the part we needed and hit the road again to make it to my uncle’s beach house. Once we were there, we chilled for a little bit and then squeezed everything into one car and headed to the beach.

The beach was sweltering hot. Like unbelievably hot. Like the surface of the sun hot. Like flesh melting off your bones hot. Okay maybe not that hot but it was pretty damn hot. We wasted no time rubbing on some sunscreen and running to the ocean water. It was cold ocean water. Like melted ice caps cold. Like an oasis cold. Like it felt so good as if it was the last drop of cold water left on earth during the apocalypse cold. It was pretty darn refreshing if you ask me. The mixture of the hot air and burning sand with the cool breeze and icy water made the perfect combination.


After swimming around in the water for an hour or so, we got back out and reapplied sunscreen to avoid becoming Larry the Lobster. Something we always do every time we go to the beach is dig a huge hole kinda like a hot tub. If you dig deep enough on the beach, you can hit water, so my siblings and I always dig huge holes and build up walls in order to create our own tiny private beach or pool. Yes it is as epic as it sounds. With the sun beating down on our backs, my sister and I sang the Original Hamilton Broadway Soundtrack as we dug and dug and dug and dug and dug. We tried our best and alternated building the wall and digging the hole. We dug past the soft sand and got to the layer that was straight up shells which pretty much cut up our hands but we finally hit water and expanded our “hot tub”. But before we could enjoy what we had worked so hard to dig, it was time to go back to the beach house and wash up for dinner. We were covered in sand head to toe to we jumped into the freezing ocean to wash off, hopped into the car, washed our feet off in my uncle’s outdoor shower, and we all ran to the nearest shower to get rid of the feeling of being sticky and all the sand in places where sand should not be.

At this point we were ravenous. So we head to the nearest and most popular restaurant. We chose to sit outside, partly because it was crazy crowded inside and we also wanted to enjoy the view of the bridge and the fishermen. Around 5 minutes after we were seated, we immediately regretted our decision. Where was the breeze? Where was the cool water? WHY WAS THIS A FREAKING SAUNA? WHY IS THERE SWEAT BEADING UP ON MY SKIN WHEN ALL I WANT TO EAT ARE MY CONCH FRITTERS? Clearly, the struggle was real.

Although I’m pretty sure Satan was chilling with us in the heat, the food was amazing. The conch fritters we ordered were delicious and I was so hungry I even ate some of the lettuce the conch fritters came on. Everyone pretty much got fish tacos but I ordered the Fried Green Tomato BLT with sweet potato fries and my sister ordered The Ultimate Grilled Cheese. Trust me, if you want cholesterol, you will eat this 7 cheese triple decker sandwich with bacon and tomatoes. Mine was delicious; I don’t think my sister could finish hers.


After the meal we stopped back at the house for a pit stop, made sure we didn’t forget anything, and hit the road again. Here’s where the REAL adventure begins.

My family car closely followed my uncle’s family car along the scenic route. We watched the sunset as we drove windows down with loud music playing. I was exhausted so I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up around 45 minutes later, something wasn’t right. First of all, my family was playing Elvis Presley. Like at full volume Elvis Presley. Like no thank you I hate Elvis Presley. Secondly, my family was in front of my uncle’s car and we were leading them where to go. Thirdly, there was an accident so we had to drive around into an airport and out the other side to avoid the accident. The roads were rough and the car just didn’t feel right. Sure enough, we turned down the Elvis Presley and we heard the sound of a flat tire. So we pulled over in the dark to check it out. Sure enough, there it was. The front left tire was flat so we had to move everything from the trunk into the car to get the spare tire. My dad started changing the back left tire until we told him he was about to change the wrong tire so he moved on to the front tire. The lugs refused to come off so our insurance guy came to fix the tire. Before he could get his hands on it, my uncle pulled up out of nowhere and pulled out the lug wrench. He jumped up and down on it and loosened them up right in front of the insurance guy. He just came out to do his job and my uncle straight up showed him up. We were back in the car and on the road in a jiffy. We had to drive slowly in order to avoid damaging the spare tire but that didn’t stop us from listening to loud music and watching old music videos. By the time we arrived home, the spare was flat too.

It was at this point I realized I had a paper due so I ended up staying up really late to write it even though I was exhausted and then I hit the hay. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

I ended the day with a semi decent tan….more like sunburn but I swear, it’s not THAT bad. The day was exciting from start to finish and there was no shortage of new experiences and struggles but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else….except maybe an open donut shop or something. 🙂

Kasual kook xx


Relaxin’ on a Saturday

Ahhh Saturdays. To me, Saturdays are probably the best day of the week. Some might say nahhhh Friday is the best day of the week but to those people I say false. incorrect. alternative facts. Because on Fridays you still have to wake up early for school or for work or whatever you’re doing during the week and then you try to stay up late Friday night but then you’re still tired because you woke up early that morning. It’s a struggle. Buuuut if you hit ’em with that Saturday, Saturday gives you the ability to sleep in as well as stay up late so it’s the best of both worlds honestly. Truly.

Saturdays are like the day for yourself. It’s a day where you can sleep in and get all the sleep that you missed during the week from staying up and getting 4 or 5 hours sleep every night. You can get them all back on Saturday and you can spend the whole day chilling and doing what you need to because procrastination is key. It allows you to do whatever you want because you have Sunday to do all the things that are due Monday. Procrastination. It gets the best of us.

And everyone knows Sundays are famous for breakfast or brunches or whatever but Sunday brunches only exist because you stayed up late Saturday night. But what about Saturday breakfast? They’re just as important as Sunday breakfast, let’s be honest. So yeah wake up as late as you want from partying Friday night or going to bed early and make yourself a good breakfast. If you need to be productive, then get a productive start of your day with a good breakfast with some brain food and you’re good. Put on some music started vibing. Whatever you have to do to start off your productive Saturday you should do.

Today, I woke up whenever I wanted to for the first time in a while because usually wake up early on Saturdays to do things. And I was like hey let’s have a productive day today, let’s make breakfast. Let’s just say I was feeling it. It was sunny outside, wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold so I opened up my blinds, saw that it was a beautiful day outside, turned up my music and popped out the eggs and bacon. Honestly, you just need to wake yourself up because obviously you’re going to be tired from the past week, but if you want to have a productive day or you want to have a relaxed chilled day, crank up your music, breakout that wooden spoon, and use it as a microphone to sing some karaoke while your eggs are frying in the pan. Come up with some impromptu dance as your bagel is in the toaster. Play the music that gets you happy at full volume as long as your neighbors don’t get too upset (and it’s actually good music). Start off your day with a positive note. Haha get it positive note as in music but also like a pun. Alright you got it.

And you know what, instead of just sitting inside and enjoying your breakfast with your music, why not take it outside if it’s a beautiful day. Take the extra time to wipe down your patio furniture and sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze on a hot spring / summer day. Take your music outside with you and enjoy nature. It’s been shown that going outside in sunlight increases productivity, so why not kill two birds with one stone and eat your breakfast as well as get in those productivity rays. Just get a wet paper towel to clean down your surface and just wipe down the table (or just have a clean table in the first place but I don’t have a clean table in the first place. When I tried to clean my table in one swipe, my paper towel was completely black but it’s fine.) If you want to make it even more relaxing, don’t even bring your music outside unless it’s some really good killer playlist of beach waves. Just listen to the wind rustle through the trees in your backyard or your front yard if you’re sitting on the porch or watch the crystal blue water ripple in your pool. Do whatever you need to do to enjoy life and be in the moment.

So yeah maybe you might overcook your eggs because you’re too carried away singing to your favorite song or you burn your bagel a tiny bit because you’re too busy dancing around but it’s fine because at least you’re happy and having a good time. Saturday mornings are the perfect time to take time to yourself and just reflect on how your week was. If you want to wake up to the smell of coffee, get out of bed and go make that coffee yourself and enjoy it for yourself. Get some good sun rays in and start off your day on a positive note. 🙂

Kasual kook xx


Where I’ve Been…

What’s up my dudes I’m back!! If you’ve noticed I’ve been missing and you’ve been nagging me about it either online or in real life and checking my blog every day to see if I’ve posted, I appreciate and love you. If you could actually care less about whether I post on my blog or not, this is your tape. I’m only joking but seriously. I’m back and hopefully for good so don’t you worry.

Where have I been? Well one could say that I’ve been in almost a funk. A non-blog-posting funk. Recently I’ve been writing things but it wasn’t the things that I wanted to write about so I just didn’t post them. (Don’t go looking for them because no one should have to read that stuff. Ever.) I found myself posting things that I thought people would like but not really posting what I like and now is the perfect time to change. It got the point where I just didn’t post and I forgot about my blog but I’m back!

I pretty much got dragged out of my funk by the one and only Indy Severe. If you haven’t heard about her, you should invest some time into her really awesome blog and she’s the one who creates those really aesthetically pleasing videos that make you just want to travel world. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah those videos. Ahhh I just love them all so much. Anyways. She brought up an amazing point about just living your life and posting what you want to post and it pretty much dragged me out of my funk and inspired me to come back and post.

Besides posting on here my time was consumed by schoolwork and my school’s play as well as the VERY addicting game of Flow. It’s an app and I’m almost on the Extreme Pack 2 and let me tell you, it’s so hard and intense that it’s almost too…well, extreme. I’m pretty much addicted and it’s becoming a problem. But besides the world of AP testing and attempting to have a social life and juggle extracurriculars, I’ve had this little blog tucked away in the back of my head and I’ve actually missed it. But now it’s spring break for me. Really late I know. I’ve also just finished the show 13 Reasons Why and I KNOW that makes me sound very basic but I just wanted to watch it for myself before Twitter ruined it for me (follow me over @Kasual_kook #sorrynotsorry). It’s a really good show with an amazing message so I recommend you go watch it to not only change your perspective on life but also so you can get my reference above if you haven’t already. Or just read the book. Whatever floats your boat.

So I don’t know exactly what I’ll be posting on here in the future but just know it’ll be good. Like, really good. Like really REALLY good. And I know I’ve probably said this a TRILLLION times but I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that I’ll be posting once a week on here. Honestly I’ve said that so many times some of you are probably really annoyed. Like as annoyed as I get when people snapchat whole concerts on their stories. I’m not calling anyone out but I meannnnn. ANYWAYS. Sometimes it’ll be short and sometimes it’ll be a long post but it’ll be a post for sure. TRUST ME I’M BACK FOR SURE!

And I can’t promise that my jokes and references won’t be so bad that you’ll facepalm every few sentences but hey that’s what life is always about and what’s the point of reading my blog if you don’t chuckle a few times. So YOLO (yes I can feel the cringe writing this) and expect to see me back here some time very soon. But I expect that since I haven’t been around for long that you HAVE caught up on all my posts so don’t be afraid to check those out!

So that’s all for now and see you next week!! (or even sooner if you’re lucky)

Thanks for being supportive and I love you all 🙂 ✌

Kasual kook xx

Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions about eating healthy? Don’t laugh. I have a solution! It takes 21 days to make something a habit. I’ve been trying to eat less sugar so why not try and cut it completely out of my diet for 21 days? Now, the only sugar I eat is from fruit. It’s been a week since I started and I can definitely see the improvement! Plus it’s just nice to feel healthy like dayum did I really just eat that apple? Where my abs at?

If you’re also looking to make the switch to eating healthier but you’re not ready to cut all sugar out because chocolate exists, I have some quick and easy and HEALTHY snacks for you to try out. Some might look really weird but I swear they’re good.

SNACK #1: Frozen Grapes


This snack is SUPER easy. Grab some grapes from your closest grocery store and wash them REALLY WELL. You want to wash them well because when they are frozen, you will have to suck on them instead of biting on them initially and you don’t want to be eating a dirty grape! Place your freshly washed grapes into a plastic bag and put them into the freezer. This may take some time so be patient! Your grapes should be fully hardened overnight or after around 6 hours. When they’re completely frozen, you can take them out of your fridge and eat them! This works with any type of grapes!

This snack is PERFECT for binge watching Netflix and it’s super healthy too! A pro tip is to wash and put a bag into the freezer as you’re taking one out to eat so you always have a snack! The frozen grapes are the perfect alternative for candy or maybe even ice cream because being cold makes them sweeter! Enjoy!

SNACK #2: Cheese Chips


For this snack, get any cheese that you would like that comes in a block or as slices. I chose to use Monterey Jack. Cut up your block of cheese into thin slices that are about 1 inch by 1 inch and place them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. It is easier to use cheese slices because you can stack a couple and cut them into perfect little squares because they are the perfect width, but you can do whatever suits you. Cut your cheese to half the width of what you see below. 20170106_163342

Take your baking sheet with the cheese slices and put it into the oven at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes. Be sure to rotate your baking sheet after halfway to make sure all your cheese chips have baked thoroughly. Then take out your tray and leave them to cool on the side. Feel free to take a paper towel and absorb the excess oil from your chips. 20170106_16324920170106_163436

These are healthy because they have very little salt in them compared to other chips. They also serve as a little bit of protein too! If you really do love potato chips, try to get the low salt version to help limit your salt intake! Enjoy your cheese chips! 20170106_165613

SNACK #3: Parmesan Cheese Chips


These cheese chips are different from the other ones because they are made from the powdery parmesan if that is all you have.

Begin by pouring your powder parmesan onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Your piles should not be very high but they should be around 1 inch by 1 inch. 20170106_163844

For some extra flavor, lightly sprinkle some Italian seasoning on your cheese piles! Place your parmesan cheese piles into the oven at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes but remember to rotate them at the halfway point!


Remove your parmesan cheese chips from the oven and allow them to cool.


These parmesan cheese chips are FULL of flavor and are a bit saltier than the other cheese chips in order to solve your salt craving! They also pack a bit of protein into your diet and you know EXACTLY what’s going into them! Plus you can only eat the amount you make so you will never overeat too many chips!


SNACK #4: Apples and peanut butter


Wash an apple and core it. Then cut it into slices and place them onto a plate. Add a spoonful of peanut butter to the plate.

You can never go wrong with this instant classic! It’s the best combination and you can pick any peanut or nut butter you would like. If you’re allergic to nuts, no problem! You can try apples with sunflower butter! Sunflower butter is like peanut butter but it’s made of sunflower seeds instead of peanuts! It tastes very similar to peanut butter!

This snack is full of protien and the apples add the perfect amount of sweetness if they’re red or tartness if they’re green.

Eating healthy is very challenging especially since junk food tastes amazing but hopefully with these snacks, you can limit your intake and not overeat! Cutting out sugar is very challenging for me especially because all my friends are trying to tempt me or bake me brownies or cookies plus unlimited bake sales at school, but we got this!

Stick to the healthy eating resolutions you made this year! You got this! 🙂

Kasual kook xx

Swinter Days

Where I live, our winters are more like summers. Very rarely does one find the need for a jacket or even long sleeves in the winter months, so we have adopted the name “Swinter”. You’ll probably see this name in far too many Instagram captions than you’d like to, but all is fair in the name of winter break.

On one of my amazing winter break days, my friend Sara and I decided to spend the day at the beach. We woke up relatively early considering we were on break…so not really that early, and we packed our bags. Sara had the drinks and I grabbed the food and my volleyball. Then we set off.

Our favorite end of the beach was shut down as a result of an event going on, but we found a perfect spot with shade and volleyball nets. We played volleyball for a while but it’s sort of hard to play volleyball with one out of control mediocre person (hint hint it’s me) and a huge net. Plus the sun was beating down on us and we were sweating like crazy so we found the perfect shady spot under some palm trees.


Not soon after we set up our towels and turned on our Disney music to chill out to, a family of cigar smokers came to sit upwind from us. The wind was blowing and we couldn’t breathe anything but their smoke. No matter how much fake coughing or dirty looks we gave, those people wouldn’t move an inch down the miles long beach. We chilled in the shade for a while but we soon got tired of breathing in secondhand smoke and decided to go on a little adventure. One of Sara’s favorite places to eat was just up the road from where we were so after Google Mapping it and figuring out the path, we packed up our stuff and set off to the restaurant.

Screenshot_2016-12-29-16-56-40 - Edited.png

The walk to the restaurant was a fun one. We talked and listened to music. We enjoyed the winter sun and the heat. Above is a Snapchat of me that Sara took to pass the time. The trek included walking up a huge bridge with boats underneath and if you looked out you could see the sea. The walk was 3 miles long which felt like nothing to us cross country runners but the sun beating down left us slightly sweating when we reached the restaurant. I had never been to this restaurant but I was definitely impressed. The look was very modern and the food was delicious. I absolutely loved it. Sara and I had a grilled cheese called “The Best of Both Worlds.” It included a grilled cheese with smoked brisket, barbecue sauce, and mac n cheese inside. It came with a small cup of tomato soup. They even gave us a small cookie. We also had huge lemonades with frozen raspberries that turned your lemonade into pink lemonade as they melted.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I don’t feel like describing everything so… enjoy all these photos of food and don’t get too hungry. 🙂


It’s almost time to go back to school and I’m so not ready to leave these swinter days. Sure the walk was hot and somewhat far, but being with friends made it all worth it. I know this sounds cheesy (haha cuz of mac ‘n CHEESE, okay I’ll stop), but remember to take time to do things with others and don’t be afraid to be a little spontaneous sometimes. Unplanned adventures can have amazing outcomes. 🙂

Kasual kook xx